Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Republican Response: Slipped Sip Shouldn't Sink Speaker's Ship

What were Mark Rubio's key messages when he delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union address? The traditional media are picking key themes and taking sides editorially. But the social media are making a big splash of Rubio's clumsy attempt at wetting his whistle.

The reminder here for all of us is to conduct -- well, a dry run -- before an important presentation. Your message or the big boss' message can get lost in a comic gaffe. When such a stumble occurs, making fun of oneself is an endearing escape to steer the audience back to the message.

Many have been supportive; others are joking about it. My favorite  in the latter category is the swig heard 'round he world in slow motion with music:

For comments pro and con, a decent conversation thread can be found after a text of the speech at

 Of more interest to me will be the response, if any, from Poland Spring water, the brand Rubio gulped on national TV. One Tweeter wrote, "Poland Spring Water hasn't Tweeted since July, 2010. Right now, their rep is frantically trying to remember the password." Another wrote, "interested to see the PR response tomorrow... maybe this will force them to join the 21st century aka twitter." (

I don't know one way or the other about Poland Spring on Twitter, but they tweet on their website. Literally. ( It's an attractive, informational site. The /Facebook link reveals a page with Poland Spring's remarks but nothing from the consuming public.

I think Rubio and fellow Republicans need to hammer away at Rubio's key themes so they don't get lost in jokes. Poland Spring isn't in a crisis, but it has an opportunity to promote its product through this silly slip of a sip.

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