Thursday, March 7, 2013

FAMU Seeks To Reinvent Its Image Following Hazing Crisis

Florida A&M University's crisis plays on, even though its band doesn't. FAMU, following the November 2011 hazing death of a drum major in its acclaimed marching band, is seeking agency proposals to guide marketing and communications in a rebranding effort. The band was suspended from performing after the killing.
The Tallahassee-based school works with DKC for crisis communications, and released an RFP on March 1 for an agency to complement that firm's media relations work and its own office of communications.

"'Rebranding in this context means developing strategies to ensure stakeholders have a clear picture of the university's strengths and what it has to offer as an institution,' says the RFP. 'The university wants its stakeholders to be knowledgeable of key values, academic integrity, future employability and the value of the student experience.'

"The university wants an agency (or agencies) to evaluate its communications plan, identify barriers and threats, assist with marketing comms., events and social media, and develop a community relations plan, among other tasks." (,-Post-Crisis.html)

Meanwhile, aftershocks from the hazing crisis continue. Prosecutors this week added second-degree manslaughter charges to 10 former band members charged in the death of Robert Champion, and added charges against two more former members of the band. Champion died of internal injuries after being beaten on the band's bus. Band hazing allegedly has been a long-time tradition, even though the school had a policy against it. Wink wink.

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