Thursday, June 13, 2013

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down!

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho,
Jericho, Jericho,
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho,
And the walls came tumbling down!

I remember singing this song in Sunday school as a little kid. And I remember it after what happened in Philadelphia yesterday.

"As rescue crews continue to search underneath the rubble of a collapsed building in downtown Philadelphia that killed six people and injured more than a dozen others, new details are emerging about the contractor and crane operator who were hired to demolish the building. The 4-story building, located on 2136-2138 Market Street, is owned by the STB Investments Corporation. STB paid $385,894 for the nearly 4,200-square-foot property in 1994. The company Griffin-Campbell Construction was doing demolition work on the property."  (

So what does STB Investment Corporation have to say about the tragedy? Nothing on the web site. What website? I see nothing there.

 Mayor Michael Nutter promised a "wide-ranging" investigation into the collapse that killed six people when the four-story wall of a partially demolished building toppled onto a Salvation Army store.

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